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Tinnie Tosser Boat Loaders

Designed and built by Bowline (Qld) Pty Ltd, the  Tinnie Tosser  allows single person operation. You can load and unload your tinnie by yourself with no back breaking work. Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software every rack is designed to suit your boat to ensure perfect operation now and in years to come. Constructed from heavy-duty aluminium and stainless steel components they are ultra-strong and durable with almost no maintenance required.

The  Tinnie Tosser  comes in two different types and can handle boats up to 3.9m in length depending on your type of vehicle. MACH 2 houses a hand-operated winch, which will load and unload your boat from the car to the ground with the simple operation of winding the handle on the winch. MACH 3 is a fully automatic version that only requires the push of a button or the use of the optional Wireless Remote Control to load and unload.

Suited mostly to the larger 4-Wheel Drive vehicles the  Tinnie Tosser  can stand up to the stresses and strains of off-road conditions and they can be fitted to existing roof bars or attached directly to the mounting points of your vehicle. With the addition of aluminium mesh to the floor of the rack you can carry your outboard fuel tank and other light weight items safely outside the vehicle.

To make the whole operation even easier, Bowline (Qld) Pty Ltd also manufacture or supply a range of accessories such as Tinnie Mover Wheel Clamps. These wheel clamps allow you to move your boat from your vehicle to the water with ease and Tinnie Mover Tow Braces that allow you to hook the boat to your vehicle and in conjunction with the wheel clamps allow you to tow your boat to the water. Perfect for use in caravan parks or to assist when steep boat ramps are encountered. We also manufacture accessories for your boat such as  light-weight floors, casting decks, storage areas and fixing arrangements for such things as Fish Finders and Transducers, seat mounting bases, seats, rod holders and all of the other boating accessories.